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Purple guy x phone guy - artwork
Vincent held the tool, painting splatters everywhere as he slashed madly, a smile on his face. He stabbed down before slashing again. It was nearly done. He was just adding the final touches to his masterpiece. He stood back, taking it in before leaving the room, leaving it hanging to dry. He would give it to his love later.
Vincent led Phone Guy into the room in which his masterpiece resided and undid the blindfold. Phone Guy blinked once before staring at what was in front of him.
"You... Did this?" he asked, pointing.
The painting was a realistic portrait of him, capturing detail and lighting perfectly, as if a photograph was taken. The only difference was that the red was a murky brown instead of the usual scarlet.
"Yep!" Vincent smirked. "Like it?"
Phone Guy nodded dumbly. It was actually quite good. He'd keep it just for the sake of it.
"...What did you use for the paint?"
"Human blood from my last murder."
He promptly threw up.
:iconkaylagab:Kaylagab 91 80
Pitch's return ch.30
Chapter 30
Pitch was once again sitting on the couch. He took deep breaths, completely exhausted from absorbing the nightmaresand. The Guardians (except Jack and Bunny) also looked exhausted from trying to hold him back in his crazed state.
There was a huge gust of wind, and Jack flew into the room. He wrapped his arms around Pitch. "What is wrong with you?! I was fine, you didn't need to do that to yourself!"
"You weren't fine," Pitch countered.
Jack sat up. "Yeah I was. There was no point doing that to yourself, if all that I was gonna have was a yellow eye. That's no big deal!"
"It was a big deal. Although it was only a small amount of nightmaresand, it was deep. It would've eventually spread throughout your entire body if I didn't get rid of it soon." He explained.
"Why didn't you tell us this?!" Tooth shouted.
"Because," Pitch sighed, "I knew you would have that reaction." He turned back to Jack. "If it had taken over you, it would have been permanent. What happen
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 54 40
Pitch's return ch.29
Chapter 29
While Jack kept himself entertained waiting for Pitch to arrive, said Boogeyman made an example of the fearling that kidnapped Jack. Pitch kicked its head for the umpteenth time, and it finally blacked out. The Boogeyman inspected his work; the thing was severely bruised and had small cuts all over its body. He turned to the crowd of nightmares and fearlings that stood watching. "You don't touch Jack. Do I make myself clear?" His minions nodded. "Good," he turned into a shadow and disappeared.
He appeared next to the fireplace at North's workshop. At that moment, Jack ran into him. Pitch managed to catch him before he fell. "Why do you always have to poof in?" Jack complained. "There's a door, you know."
"You hardly ever use the door; you always fly in through windows. And why are you running around anyway?" Pitch questioned. It was then he noticed the egg, which had not been completely painted, in his hands. Bunny finally caught up and swiped the egg back f
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Pitch's return ch.28
Chapter 28
Everything was happening very quickly for the Guardians. Jack jumping out the window had given them all quite the scare, and Pitch saving him and practically hugging him to death was a big shocker. They now stood outside the globe room talking and trying to wrap their heads around everything. They left two yetis in the room with the couple, to make sure nothing funny happened.
"C'mon, do it!" They heard Jack ask.
"Not now, Jack." Pitch answered in a tired voice.
"Please? Please, please, please?!" He gave a well practiced pout. "Come on Pitch, it's fun!"
The Boogeyman laughed. "Alright, but no more jumping out windows!" Jack crossed his heart. Pitch moved his hands about as if he were conducting an orchestra, while in reality he was manipulating the shadows. Using the shadows, Pitch told Jack a story about dragons and warriors.
Meanwhile, Tooth looked back at the scene. "That doesn't seem like Pitch. Something's not right here." North didn't know how t
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 57 35
Pitch's return ch.27
Chapter 27
SPOILER ALERT!(From the book series)
North let Jack keep playing with the remote control car, despite Phil's protests. He hoped it would keep Jack distracted so the boy would stop interrupting his interrogation. Jack sat down on the floor, and drove the car and the elves around the globe room. He especially kept driving them into the wall. He claimed it was always an accident, but Pitch saw the mischievous smile on his face. The elves didn't seem to care though.
North continued to ask Pitch many questions. The Nightmare King answered since he was obviously outnumbered, but he was growing really annoyed. He was about to ask another question when Pitch shouted, "I'm not going to fucking hurt him! How many more times will I have to say it before you all believe me?"
Jack had looked up by now, interested in the conversation. Tooth rolled her eyes at the Boogeyman. "After almost turning the Man in the Moon, and Katherine into your fearling children, NEVER."
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 49 32
Pitch's return ch.25
Chapter 25
Jack landed with a small plop on his feet outside the workshop. He turned to Pitch, who was standing a few feet away from him. "You transport me outta there, just to come out here?!" The boy asked frantically.
"I'm happy to see you too," he replied sarcastically. "And you're a snow spirit, I figured you'd like to be where it's cold."
"You need to leave! They're gonna be out here any minute!" Jack looked back towards the workshop which seemed to be glaring at the boogeyman.
Pitch shrugged and walked closer. "So?" A bit of nightmaresand appeared in the palm of his hand. "I have an army that I can summon in less than a second." He smirked. "Besides, what's the worst that can happen?"
"Oh, I don't know, all of you fighting and seriously hurting each other!" He tried to push Pitch away, but the man didn't budge. "Go, hurry!"
"I've got a better idea." He tilted the boy's head up and kissed him. The Nightmare King saw something gold out of the corner of his eye, an
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Pitch's return ch.26
Chapter 26
"Just be glad we didn't leave ya out there," Bunnymund replied.
"I'm only glad when I'm making people miserable." Pitch pointed out.
"That's not true," Jack said, thinking of all the times he and Pitch had fun.
Pitch shrugged. "You're the exception, I suppose." He turned to look at the Guardians that scowled at him. "So then, are you going to interrogate me?" The boy looked back and fourth between them nervously.
"Question," North clarified. He thought that it might be a more kid-friendly word for Jack.
"Ah, 'question.'" He snickered. "If you wanted to 'question' me so badly, why didn't you pay me a visit?"
Sandy glared as a bed frame appeared above his head, vanished, and reappeared a few inches away.
Pitch smiled, mischievously. "The rabbit knows where it is."
"What?!" Toothiana turned to Bunny, looking outraged. "You knew the entire time!"
"Crikey!" Bunnymund shouted as Tooth chased him around the Globe Room. "Get this sheila off of me!" North tried despe
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How Drunk are You?!
Thrax was currently in a secret room in a club located on one of Frank's moles discussing how to annihilate a new germ gang that thought they owned the bad parts of town. The meeting was taking longer than expected. He looked at the clock and sighed. I was supposed to be home ages ago. Thrax thought. I'll have to make it up to him somehow.
The door opened slightly. "Boss?" One of the guards asked nervously.
"I thought I made it clear I wanted no interruptions!" Thrax barked.
"You said you wanted no interruptions unless it was Osmosis," the guard reminded. "Well, it's Osmosis."
The virus nodded. "Let him in." He was organizing some of the papers as Jones walked in. "Sorry baby, it's taking a little longer than I expected." As soon as Thrax looked up, his jaw dropped.
Ozzy was smirking, which wasn't surprising, but what he was wearing was down right shocking! He had on a pair of tight leather leggings that showed every curve, knee high combat boots with stiletto heel
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 76 18
Pitch's return ch.24
Chapter 24
Jack woke up the next morning completely confused. He wasn't sure where he was, what was going on, or even who he was. After a few seconds the dreamy haze disappeared, and his memories came flooding back. "Oh," he whimpered as he let the elves go. He stood up slowly and looked around. He had no idea what to do or what he should do. He ran his fingers through his hair, hating that things had gotten so complicated.
He felt a small tug on his pants, and looked down to see a small group of elves surrounding his feet. They ran over to a table on the other side of the room where food was waiting for him. "Thanks," he managed to say. He hadn't remembered it being there last night. Was he not paying attention, or did one of the guardians come in the middle of the night and leave it for him? The thought of one of them coming in while he slept, made him extremely uncomfortable since he had made them so upset.
He barely ate anything because of the guilty feeling that l
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Deep Stares Gonna get You Nowhere
Ozzy was walking down the street, when he thought he heard someone call his name from an alleyway. He stopped and looked down it; he saw nothing. He was about to keep walking, when he heard it again. Not really thinking, he walked down the back street. No one was there. Ozzy turned to leave, when he suddenly felt himself pinned to the wall.
He looked up to see Thrax smiling down at him. Ozzy glared and struggled to get away, but Thrax's grip tightened. The virus leaned in and kissed the cell. Ozzy felt Thrax's tongue slip past his lips; how did Thrax even get his lips apart?!
Panic took over, when Ozzy realized if he didn't get away soon, he would stop fighting altogether. Using his elastic abilities, he managed to get out of Thrax's grip. He ran down the alleyway, and right as he was about to reach the street, he felt his jacket grabbed. Quicker than he thought possible, the cell slipped his arms out of the sleeves and continued to run.
The sound of footsteps behind him was getting cl
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 69 19
Pitch's return ch.23
Chapter 23
As Pitch and Jack continued to play-fight with each other, Babytooth flew over. She chirped curiously, almost as if asking who Jack was with in the shadows. The boy whirled around, accidentally dragging Pitch into the light. Babytooth let out a terrified chirp and backed away. "Wait!" Jack shouted, scared. "Babytooth, let me explain!" But she just shook her head, terrified, and quickly flew away. "No, Babytooth!" She was already far out of sight.
"Pitch, we have to go after her!" The young Guardian exclaimed, about to take off.
Pitch grabbed him by the arm. "Jack, tooth fairies are one of the fastest creatures alive, and she has a head start on you. There's no way you would ever catch up." The frost elf let out a small whimper. "They'll be here any minute now."
A few seconds after he finished his sentence, a bright light filled the sky and the sleigh came rushing towards them. "Well, that was faster than I thought," the Nightmare King sighed.
The sleigh land
:iconminifearling:MiniFearling 58 41
Pitch's return ch.22
Chapter 22
"I'm beating you old man!" Jack shouted at Pitch who was a ways behind him. "I thought you said you were fast!" He looked back, but Pitch was no longer there. He suddenly ran into something; it was Pitch. "What?!"
"I told you I was fast." The Nightmare King snickered and threw Jack up into the air, but before he could catch him Jack took off riding his staff like a surfboard.
"Well Boogeyman, you gonna surf or what?" Pitch gave him an 'are you kidding me' look. "Well if you can't do it, you can't do it." Jack giggled mischievously, knowing Pitch couldn't back down now.
"Fine, if it'll prove to you that you're not as amazing as you think you are." He made a surfboard out of nightmaresand and took off with Jack.
The young guardian laughed happily. He grabbed his staff and jumped onto Pitch's surfboard. It became unbalanced and the two fell hard on a skyscraper. Jack landed on top of the man; they were both laying still in slight shock at how hard they landed.
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Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians by BettyPimm Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians :iconbettypimm:BettyPimm 594 76 Rise of The Guardians - Our Wish-lists by Breetroad Rise of The Guardians - Our Wish-lists :iconbreetroad:Breetroad 1,813 492 Little Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost by Eternal-S Little Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost :iconeternal-s:Eternal-S 2,463 89


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